Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Baby Blessing

On the first of May, we went to my parents' ward for Evie's baby blessing. Since the only ones from Todd's side who were able to come were his parents, and everyone from my side lives in Idaho, we thought we should do it where the majority of people lives. The circle consisted of Todd, his dad, my dad, my grandpa, my uncle Blair, my uncle Doug, and my uncle Ronald. Ronald and his family brought my brother, Scott, with them from Boise so he was able to meet his new niece. I wanted to write down the blessing for Evie's benefit when she's older, but recordings aren't allowed during sacrament meeting, so I took notes. Another lady in the ward also took notes, and between the two of us, I'm pretty sure I got Evie's blessing down close to verbatim. After sacrament meeting, we all went back to my parents' house for a delicious lunch: ham, turkey, funeral potatoes, salad, and corn. We took several pictures of our family, of which the following are just a few:
Four generations of women: Me, my mom, her mom, and Evie.
Another four generations picture: Me, my dad, his mom, and Evie

Me, Evie, Todd, and his parents.
Evie tried so hard to be a good girl during her big day, but it was bright outside and she was hungry, so she started screaming right after these pictures were taken. She was beautiful, though, in an elegantly simple dress that my mom made for her.
These pictures also debut my new first "mom haircut," which helps keep my hair out of Evie's tight little grip. We had a really good trip, although it was a little too short, and we had lots of fun spending time with family and showing off our precious little girl. She was universally adored, and everyone agreed that she was practically perfect in every way.
On this trip, Evie apparently started smiling while awake. Todd and I went through the Idaho Falls temple with his parents, and my parents watched the baby while we were gone. She smiled at my sister, my mom, and fell asleep on my dad's chest. Also, hanging behind my mom's chair is a picture of Jesus. She says that while she was holding the baby, Evie stared at that picture and just grinned and grinned; she recognized who Jesus is. When Todd was giving Evie her blessing, he blessed her with strength: strength of body, mind, and testimony. We're already starting to see that strength as she physically holds up her head, as she mentally learns who her parents are, and as she spiritually remembers the Savior. Evie really is such a strong little girl, and we're so glad that she came to our family!

Monday, May 30, 2011


So much has happened in the last month regarding the baby. In fact, it's been kind of overwhelming, which is why I haven't posted anything. However, I'm planning on posting tons of updates over the next day or so, including some pictures, so I can record the recent special events in our lives. Stay tuned!