Saturday, January 5, 2013


Along with the New Year, the girls are doing all kinds of new things! On Christmas Eve, as Todd and I were filling the stockings, I heard Evie in her room counting out loud. She's been counting to 5 for about a month now, but on this night, she counted all the way to 10! I was so impressed, and a couple of days later, I managed to catch her counting on video. The funny thing is that she always counts up to 10 and then yells "5!" afterwards and starts over again.
Elizabeth is making some changes of her own. On New Years Day, as Todd was changing her diaper before bed, she sat up unassisted for the very first time, and I was able to get several pictures of her sitting up the next day when she turned 6 months old!
As if that wasn't enough, once Elizabeth turned 6 months old, I was ready to let her try solid foods. I took some fresh bananas and blended them with some expressed breastmilk to make a thinner mixture so she wouldn't choke on any lumps. Elizabeth definitely approved of the whole idea!
This is the last in the litany of baby achievements: Evie is expressing interest in potty-training! However, I don't want to jinx anything, so I think that I'll write a post devoted to potty-training once she's a lot more regular about it, so hopefully you'll be hearing from me very soon...