Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ella's First Steps!

Last night, my baby took her very first steps! Todd had an outdoor concert gig with the other members of the Aurora Symphony Brass Quintet, and we went to support him and listen to the music. The group that was hosting the performance had free ice cream available for all the attendees, and they also brought around chocolate chip cookies to all of the kids in the audience. I had unfolded our chairs and folded up the double stroller with the wheels up so they could spin freely. After finishing her cookie, Evie got off of her chair and started spinning the wheels. Elizabeth, who was sitting on my lap munching her cookie, saw how much fun her sister was having and squirmed off of my lap. She's been able to stand unsupported for quite a while now, and she's been flirting with the idea of taking steps for almost as long, but she hadn't quit done it yet. Until now, of course! After standing still for a moment, clutching part of her cookie in each hand, as she watched Evie playing, she hesitantly took a few steps toward the spinning wheel.
I've been getting antsy about Elizabeth meeting this huge milestone. I knew (or at least hoped) that it would be soon, but I've also been worried that I would miss it. I've tried everything I could think of to encourage her to take that first big step (pun not intended...very much!) and to ensure that it would happen when both Todd and I were around to witness it, but I knew it would happen when Elizabeth decided it was finally time. I'm very glad that, not only was I able to witness this huge event, but also get it on video! Todd was able to see it too from his place on the stage, and I know he played especially in her honor for the rest of the night. After all, Elizabeth's first steps did happen when she was ready. I guess all it took was a little girl not wanting to get her cookie dirty on her way to play!

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