Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sleeping Cuties

When I was going through photos and trying to put together the girls' photo books, I realized that I had lots of pictures of Evie sleeping in various silly poses. Todd and I have always known and joked about the fact that Evie likes to sleep with her face (and sometimes only her face) covered. I just hadn't realized that I had taken quite so many pictures of her funny sleeping habits.
This was the first silly sleeping picture I ever took of her, and it's still one of my favorites!
As long as something is covering her face, it doesn't matter what it is...
...blanket, giraffe, whatever!
Once she learned how to roll onto her tummy, she never went back.
It looks a little like she made herself a nest of stuffed animals.
I really love these "sleeping sitting up" shots.
Maybe we should get her a pillow...
This one was at my parents' house right after Christmas.
These were all taken before Evie's 1st birthday. After that, her sleep-time antics got a lot more sporadic, although they did still happen occasionally:
Where's Evie? Hint: look for her toes.
Later that same day, she fell asleep on the floor next to her bed.
This is that same nap, just from a different perspective.
She got put in the Pack n' Play when she was in trouble, and promptly fell asleep.
After a hard morning of playing with her new toys, it suddenly got really quiet and it took me several minutes to find her.
Once Elizabeth was born, we thought she'd sleep more normally than her sister. Then, after a few months, we found out that she is related to her sister after all!
She's sleeping like a champ!
Baby of the Opera
My girlies win the gold medal for synchronized sleeping.

The girls often fall asleep in the car together, and they're usually in symmetrical positions: Elizabeth will be leaning to the right with her left hand on her knee, and Evie will be a mirror image. It's also really fun when they're in exactly the same pose, but I keep forgetting to snag pictures. Anyway, if I find any more silly sleeping pictures, I'll make sure to post them!

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